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O n e - p a g e r
P o s t e r
P r o j e c t T r a i l e r
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B o o t h P r e s e n t a t i o n D e s i g n
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Lead(s): May/Julie Complete by11/23
Lead(s): Julie Complete by: 11/9
Lead(s): Amanda/May Complete by: 11/17
Lead(s): Amanda Complete by: 11/17
Lead(s):Raven Complete by: 11/27
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven Complete by: 11/28
Lead(s):Raven Complete by: 11/28
Lead(s): May/Julie
Currently, we have a functional iOS app with the majority of the
features that the Odyssey Media Group initially asked for, and the
features we presented to them. These include:
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
I . T h e P r o j e c t
A clean, simple tab featuring the most recent articles
A contact page where readers can submit a tip, comment or
question straight to OMG's staff email
Livestreaming from Youtube
A separatetab displaying OMG's different magazine publications
Our goal for SLAM is to make the OMG app as beautiful as possible,
making design tweaks and customizing it to the OMG brand so that is
is immediately recognizable to the students and faculty of Clarke
Central when it is released to them. Otherwise, we are proud to say
that after surmounting many roadblocks, it works! OMG!
Lead(s): May/Julie
We have a vision to do
something a little bit
different for our one-
pager. May had the idea to
create a zine that will look
like a simple one-page
handout at first, but we
will have whoever comes
up to our booth fold the
paper into their very own
zine. Each page will
highlight a different
screen and feature of our
Lead(s): Amanda
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
I I . O n e - P a g e r
We will all work together to design our one-pager, but May has experience with making her
own zines and will take the lead on helping our guests fold them correctly as part of our
interactive booth presentation
Expected to take 1.5 weeks
start: 11/ 7
end: 11/17
Lead(s): May/Julie
We would like our poster to highlight the simplicity
and professionalism of the OMG brand. We will stick
to using their red, black and white as our only colors
and add our own "pop" using gradients and halftones.
We will incorporate the OMG app icon and will
capture the essence of our target users by including a
photo of the Odyssey Media Group staff and students
of Clarke Central in action. Amanda and Raven will
take lead on this deliverable, but the entire team will
have input on the design elements, as always.
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
I I I . P o s t e r
Expected to take 1.5 weeks
start: 11/ 7
end: 11/17
Lead(s): May/Julie
Raven has video production experience and will
take the lead on the project trailer for the OMG
app. Since the OMG app is designed for the
readers of Odyssey Media Group, we want to
highlight their experience through the project
trailer. Our vision for the trailer is for it to be an
actual news broadcast by the Odyssey Media
Group breaking the news of the launch of the
app. Our hope is to actually use this trailer and
the broadcast as promotional material that the
OdysseyMedia Group can use to get the students
and faculty of Clarke Central excited!
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
I V . P r o j e c t T r a i l e r
Expected to take 2 weeks
Start: 11/13
End: 11/27
Lead(s): May/Julie
Julie took the lead on our project website because she has the most experience
with Bootstrap; we all decided on a theme together that we thought would
highlight the features of the OMG app and represent the journey we've taken to
get to the final product. Our website houses all of our work from Checkpoint 1, 2
and 3 and will soon showcase our final deliverables. For a glimpse into our
journey creating this app, we included a visual map of our many design iterations.
I V . P r o j e c t W e b s i t e
Expected to take 2 weeks
start: 10/ 24
end: 11/9
Lead(s): May/Julie
We will all work together to come up
with an engaging presentation and
visually appealing booth for SLAM. If
we are able to create zines as our one-
page handouts, we will incorporate the
folding of the zine into our booth
presentation; May will take the lead
on the instructions since she has
experience making zines.
V . B o o t h P r e s e n t a t i o n s
We believe that this would be a fun, interactive way to engage our booth's
visitors and represent that we yearned to make the OMG app as fun and
engaging for its users as possible.
Expected to take2weeks
start: 11/14
end: 11/28
Lead(s): May/Julie
Raven is our group's main presenter and
will take on the stage presentation if OMG
is one of the chosen groups to present at
SLAM. As a group, we've discussed the
positives and negatives of our past
checkpoint presentations. In order to give
a killer stage presentation at SLAM, we
will craft a concise, engaging script for
Raven to rehearse; it will include the
purpose of our app, a little background on
the Odyssey Media Group and the
features of the final product.
V I . S t a g e P r e s e n t a t i o n s
Lead(s): May/Julie
Lead(s): Julie/Amanda
Lead(s): Amanda
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
We use Slack as a place to drop all of our files and share them quickly, we prefer
sharing files in slack rather than Dropbox because you are able to tag whoever
may need it. We have been using Trello to keep track of our due dates, assign
leads to the tasks and keep cards of the progress we have been making; although
we have to remind each other to check and update our progress. Our group text is
our most efficient form of communication for scheduling meetings and asking
quick questions outside of class.
Lead(s): May/Julie
Lead(s): Julie/Amanda
Lead(s): Amanda/Raven
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