Project Plan
Amanda Allbee | Raven Rice | May Hitchings | Julia Boyland
*crowd erupts into cheers*
who was that?
Imagine the quarterback of your high school’s
football team scoring the winning touchdown during
the last thirty seconds of the playoffs series.
Awesome, right? Well, the OMG app could take that
experience to the next level by showcasing the
team’s active roster . At your fingertips, you’d be
able to search a player’s number and find his stats
for the school year.
What is ?
The ODYSSEY Media Group is 60-person media organization at Clarke
Central High School here in Athens, Georgia comprised of a
newsmagazine website, a literary art magazine and a broadcast
program. Currently, the ODYSSEY Media Group distributes their
magazine to 1,500+ students, parents, employees and Athens
community members. We will be expanding the ODYSSEY Media
Group’s online presence into a mobile app in order to grow their
readership and better serve their readers.
What they want
Greater accessibility of articles
Push notifications for breaking news
Ebook version of magazine
Grow their social media presence on Instagram, Twitter
and Facebook
Our Vision
Private tip line
Stickers for events
Top 10 most read stories with shareability
*User-friendly, clutter-free, engaging
Let’s make it happen
Currently in the works...
Pull most popular posts for homepage; creating a separate page under
Likeability and shareability of posts
Figuring out how to livestream from OMG’s Youtube channel
Lead person (s): May and Julie
Onward to Checkpoint 2
I. Meeting with OMG to discuss progress and design (9/18)
II. Creating our website
III. Marvel Wireframe
IV. Wireframe Presentation
Lead person (s): May and Julie
Lead person (s): Julie and Amanda
Lead person (s): Raven
Getting closer...
VI. Meeting with OMG to discuss final details of Beta
VIII. Visualized design doc
IX. Map to SLAM
X. Marketing strategies with OMG
Lead person (s): May and Julie
Lead person (s): Amanda
Lead person (s): Raven and Amanda
Lead person (s): Raven and Amanda
XI. Operational project
XII. One-pager and poster
XIII. Project trailer
XIV. Finalization of project website
XV. Booth layout at SLAM
Lead person (s): Raven and Amanda
Lead person (s): Julie and Amanda
Lead person (s): Raven
Lead person (s): Raven and Amanda
Lead person (s): May and Julie
Potential Roadblocks
Incorporating AR into the app
Must access technology to display simulation
Jersey recognition
Access to the active player roster, keep updated
Youtube livestream
Creating a functional
news app that’s
clean, and user
Tip line
Popular posts
Push notifications
Using AR kit
Player jersey
Let’s do it!