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U s e r R e s e a r c h
Generative Research:
User Personas
We began our user research journey by
identifying the potential users of the OMG
application. Since the majority of Odyssey
readers are Clarke Central High School
students, we focused our research on the
school's student body. With the help of the
Odyssey Media Group's webmaster, Everett
Green, we interviewed students that are
representative of the different groups
within the Clarke Central High School
Here are the four user personas we
developed for the OMG application.
The OMG App is a multimedia platform where students ,like
Aneesa , can share news stories on their social media profiles
We have incorporated livestream/broadcast tab into
the OMG App to cater to students ,like Jenifer, who
receive most of their news from live news broadcast.
We have incorporated a push notifications feature
into the OMG App to alert students, like Jonathan,
of the most recent news.
The OMG App has a clean design, and is high functioning. This
will attract students, like Tomas, who have never read the OMG
online news magazine, and want a news app that is easy to use.
Descriptive Research:
Design Preference
For our next phaseofuser research we worked with OMG'swebmaster and
director of audience engagement to come up with the best strategy for
getting the maximum amount of feedback from Clarke Central students.
The director of audience engagement proposed that she post the link to
our google survey across all of OMG's social media platforms. She created
a graphic that encouraged students to take the survey, which is shown
We focused our survey on the design and functionality of the app. In
order to get a concrete feel for the design preferences of our users, we
chose apps with a similar purpose-to disseminate news in an engaging
and user-friendly way and asked the students to evaluate news apps
that they were most comfortable using. In terms of design, we asked
students which social media applications were the most visually
appealing to them. This research helped us decided what kind of icons,
buttons, and overall design schemes our users gravitate toward the
most. In a week, 58 Clarke Central students responded to the survey.
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
OMG... What's Next?
After collecting our user research, we began to mold the design of our
application into what our users take a liking to the most in a new app.
We used a black and white color
scheme similar to the NY Times
news app. This makes the text
easy to read. We also incorporated
a feature that pulls the top stories
of the day to display on our
According to our user research, the student population at Clarke Central
find icons more appealing than words on a mobile app.
We added social media icons to
the side of the home page to
increase shareability, and to
make the app more visually
For Checkpoint 3, we will continue to collect user research to make the
OMG App marketable to the entire student body at Clarke Central High
School. We will incorporate icons into the tab bar to make the app easier to
navigate, and incorporate stickers to increase student interactions on the
OMG App.