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What is OMG?

The ODYSSEY Media Group is 60-person media organization at Clarke Central High School here in Athens, Georgia comprised of a newsmagazine website, a literary art magazine and a broadcast program. Currently, the ODYSSEY Media Group distributes their magazine to 1,500+ students, parents, employees and Athens community members. We will be expanding the ODYSSEY Media Group’s online presence into a mobile app in order to grow their readership and better serve their readers


We wanted to make a user-friendly, clutter-free and engaging app for the Odyssey Media Group. This would incorporate elements such as livestream, shareability, recent posts and tiplines.

Evolution of OMG

See how our app has evolved in design and functionality!

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Illiad Magazine

Illiad Magazine


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Home Page

The home page will pull directly from the Odyssey Media Group's established wordpress webpage, displaying content that they deem most newsworthy. However, the page will be designed with constraints that increase readability and allow the content to thrive on a variety of devices.

Most Recent

This section will filter the articles and information presented on OMG based upon the date of publication.


The app will showcase a livestream that functions through a rtmp server set up on their youtube account. Using a separate encoder on their smartphones, members of the odyssey staff will be able to login and record content that will broadcast directly onto the application.


The Odyssey Media Group's magazine publication, the Illiad, was incredibly important to their staff. It was vital that we showcase their work.


This tab allows users to contact the Odyssey staff directly for story ideas, comments or questions. Additionally, every article has the ability to be shared on a variety of social media platforms by the click of a button! Additionally, articles can be shared through SMS text messaging.

And much more!

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Project Trailer

We collaborated with the Odyssey Staff to create a trailer for their upcoming app!

Download Content

Download our project research, user research, beta UX map, visual deisgn document and map to SLAM!

Project Research

The project research is a comprehensive presentation of our group’s learning for this project in its intial stage.

Project Plan

This document will include an analysis of how we will tackle potential roadblocks in the creation of our project and an overview of our reach, main and safety goals. Additionally, the minimum deliverables and a guide towards how we will organize tasks.

User Research

Summary of our user research strategies, our findings so far, and our plans heading towards SLAM.


This is our project poster that will be displayed at SLAM!

Beta UX Map

This is an interactive wireframe that showcases how our app will appear in design and functionality.

Visual Design Document

Explore OMG from a design perspective. This file includes the reasoning behind out carefully chosen logos, typefaces, and brand colors.

Map to SLAM

This is an updated version of our initial project plan, with a closer emphasis on the deliverables for SLAM.

One Pager

For our "One-Pager," we chose to make a foldable zine, displaying the various app screens in a fun and innovative design. There is a front and back to the zine, and it'll be folded at SLAM to be a minature magazine!


" As project manager, I am responsible for keeping our project on track to ship by the end of the semester by ensuring that we work together effectively and efficiently as a team. I will take the lead on organization by prompting our own “checkpoints” throughout each piece of the project and encouraging collaboration and sharing of progress."

Amanda Allibee

Project Manager

"This semester I have strengthened my knowledge in coding and software development, adding new langauges to my resume. The tasks at hand were incredibly challenging, yet rewarding."

Julie Boyland

Co-Software Developer

In my time working with ODYSSEY, I will use these skillsets to work with my team to create a functional app with a utilitarian aesthetic and streamlined UI in order to make ODYSSEY an even more viable news source for their increasingly mobile audience.

May Hitchings

Co-Software Developer

As the presenter, I will present our class presentations and final presentation. As a Communication Studies minor, I am very comfortable communicating ideas, and keeping the crowd engaged.

Raven Rice

Content Writer/Lead Presenter

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